Kathleen’s professional work experience has afforded her a keen advantage with decision-making in city government.  Her skills, her focus on land use, open space, and recreation, and her connection with our residents to address questions and concerns, are just some of the reasons why she has been successful in her Council Member role for the past four years. I look forward to the opportunity to continue our service together and strongly support her re-election to City Council. Linda Evans, Mayor of La Quinta

I have served with Kathleen Fitzpatrick on the La Quinta City Council for the last four years. During that time and with her service on the Planning Commission coupled with her decades long experience working in municipal government Kathleen has always placed the interest of residents and taxpayers first. I enthusiastically endorse Kathleen for city council and encourage our residents to return her for another four years. Mayor Pro Tem John Pena

Councilmember Kathleen Fitzpatrick cares deeply about La Quinta and works tirelessly for its residents and its stakeholders. When these qualities are combined with her independent and critical thinking, substantial professional credentials, well-seasoned executive & legislative experience, and a genuine love for the community, the profile of a strong and inclusive community leader is self-evident. Let’s re-elect Kathleen and put her to work for another four years, as we navigate through the collective challenges of our contemporary environment.La Quinta Council Member Robert Radi

Kathleen has my full support for her re-election to the La Quinta City Council. Kathleen’s experience has proven valuable over the last 4 years; La Quinta continues to move in the right direction. La Quinta Council Member Steve Sanchez

Proven and consistent leadership are the things we should cling to, especially during these unprecedented times. Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Linda Evans have my vote!! They were always a staunch supporter of our public safety. Dave Walton Chief of Police 2013-17

I had the honor and privilege to work with Kathleen for the last (almost) four years. She cares deeply about how her city presents itself to the outside world. An example is her dedication to making new developments in La Quinta the most beautiful and iconic as possible. She cares about making the city ‘work’ for its residents. She understands government and is always willing to engage with residents about issues in the community and work toward reasonable solutions. She has my vote. Mary Caldwell Chair Planning Commission La Quinta

Kathleen Fitzpatrick has my vote for re-election for her La Quinta City Council seat. Her experience running as a candidate for the same council seat gives her an advantage and head start on the job. Douglas Motz Motz-Rusin Insurance Agency

Kathleen Fitzpatrick demonstrates the knowledge, team skills, and commitment to the City of La Quinta that will allow her to continue to serve as an integral contributor on the City Council. I have observed Kathleen at many events and find her to possess a passion and dedication to her community. For these reasons, and many more, I support Kathleen Fitzpatrick Carole Motz

Kathleen Fitzpatrick has always been a force in maintaining our local economy alive, she has been a great source of information and guidance, especially during this period where businesses have been greatly affected by COVID-19. I want to thank her for finding solutions for our community issues. Eliezer Rabelo La Quinta Pilates



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